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Here are listed all used records (movies, advertisings, news, screenplays and film needs) of the game. To see the records in another language, please change the language setting with the flags in the upper right corner.


title genre
2001 - A space odyssey Science fiction
9 1/2 weeks Love story
A colt for all cases Series
A little house on the prairie Series
Alf Series
Alien Science fiction
Alien Nation Series
American Gigolo Love story
An American Tale Sundry
Angel Heart Whodunit
Arachnophobia Action movie
Awakenings Sundry
Back to the future Action movie
Barfly Love story
Basketball finals Live
Batman Science fiction
Battlestar Galactica Science fiction
Baywatch Series
Ben Hur Epic movie
Beverly Hills Cop Comedy
Bird Comedy
Birdy Sundry
Blade Runner Science fiction
Blue Velvet Whodunit
Blues Brothers Action movie
Bonanza Series
Bonny and Clyde Comedy
Brazil Science fiction
Breakfast at Tiffany's Love story
Bring on the night Sundry
Broadcast News Comedy
Casablanca Love story
Cat Ballou Sundry
Chronicle of a declared death Love story
Citizen Kane Sundry
Crocodile Dundee Comedy
Culture today Cultural program
Cyrano de Bergerac Love story
Daktari Series
Dallas Series
Dances with wolves Comedy
Dark Star Science fiction
Days Of Thunder Action movie
Dick Tracy Epic movie
Die hard Action movie
Django's return Sundry
Doctor Zhivago Epic movie
Dressed to kill Action movie
Driver Whodunit
Driving Miss Daisy Love story
E.T. - The Extraterrestrial Science fiction
Easy Rider Action movie
Emanuelle 6 Love story
Environmental engineering Cultural program
Escape from Alcatraz Epic movie
Fatal Attraction Whodunit
Ferris Beuler's day off Comedy
Flashdance Love story
Flatliners Whodunit
Flipper Series
Football Live Live
Frantic Whodunit
Full Metal Jacket Action movie
General Hospital Series
Ghandi Epic movie
Ghostbusters II Action movie
Gone with the Wind Love story
Good Morning, Babylon Comedy
Good Morning, Vietnam Comedy
Gorky Park Whodunit
Grand Prix of Monaco Live
Gunsmoke Series
Hair Sundry
Hannah and her sisters Comedy
Heat Action movie
High Noon Sundry
Highlander Science fiction
Hope and Glory Action movie
Hotel Series
Hudson Hawk Comedy
Indiana Jones - The Raiders of the Lost Ark Action movie
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Action movie
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Action movie
Into the Night Action movie
James Bond: A license to kill Whodunit
James Bond: Goldfinger Whodunit
James Bond: Never say never Whodunit
Jaws Action movie
Karate Kid Action movie
Kojak Series
La Strada Love story
Live Aid Live
Living next to a nuclear power plant Cultural program
M.A.S.H. Comedy
Mad Max II Action movie
Magnum Series
Manhattan Comedy
Metropolis Science fiction
Miami Vice Series
Mike Tyson v Mohammed Ali Live
Modern painters Series
Murder she wrote Series
Mutiny on the Bounty Epic movie
My beautiful laundrette Comedy
Naked gun Comedy
National Geographic Series
NBL Finals Live
NOVA Series
Nuts Comedy
Oil and Islam - The sunny Arabia Cultural program
Once upon a time in America Epic movie
Once upon a time in the West Sundry
Operation Petticoat Comedy
Oscar Awards Live
Out of Africa Love story
Paris, Texas Sundry
Peggy Sue got married Comedy
Pet cemetary Action movie
Phase IV Science fiction
Platoon Action movie
Police Academy V Comedy
Pretty Woman Love story
Prince - Sign O' the Times Sundry
Prizzi's honor Whodunit
Psycho Whodunit
Quatermain Action movie
Quo Vadis Epic movie
Rain Man Comedy
Rambo III Action movie
Rear window Whodunit
Rebel without a cause Love story
Robin Hood - The King of Thieves Epic movie
Robocop 2 Action movie
Rockford Series
Rocky Horror Picture Show Sundry
Rosemarie's Baby Action movie
Running Man Action movie
Saddam Hussein - A biography Cultural program
Sex, lies and videotape Love story
She's gotta have it Love story
Star Trek Series
Star Trek - Next Generation Series
Star Trek II - The wrath of Khan Science fiction
Star Wars Science fiction
Star Wars - The empire strikes back Science fiction
Star Wars - The return of the Jedi Science fiction
Summer Olympics Live
Superman Science fiction
Support your local Sheriff Comedy
Suspect Whodunit
Taxi Driver Action movie
Terminator II Action movie
The ancient Nepal Cultural program
The Birds Whodunit
The Black Forest sanatorium Series
The Bridge on the River Kwai Epic movie
The color of money Comedy
The color purple Sundry
The demographic entrophy in post-modern baroque Cultural program
The Doors Sundry
The eastern Europe in turmoil Cultural program
The empire of the Sun Epic movie
The everchanging ethics Cultural program
The Fearless Vampire Killers Comedy
The Godfather Whodunit
The gods of Bali Cultural program
The Golden Child Comedy
The Kiss of the Spider Woman Whodunit
The Last Emperor Epic movie
The last Emperor Epic movie
The launch of the Super-Shuttle Live
The life of Brian Comedy
The Magnificent Seven Sundry
The Mars landing Live
The name of the Rose Sundry
The postman always rings twice Whodunit
The Purple Rose Of Cairo Comedy
The Russia House Whodunit
The Shining Action movie
The Sicilian Whodunit
The Third Reich Cultural program
The three-dimensional human Cultural program
The Untouchables Whodunit
The Waltons Series
The Witness Whodunit
Third Man Whodunit
Time Bandits Comedy
Top Gun Action movie
Total Recall Science fiction
Tough Guys Comedy
Track Of Stones Sundry
Tucker Sundry
War Games Science fiction
Water Comedy
Westworld Science fiction
Who framed Roger Rabbit? Comedy
Wild orchids Love story
Wimbledon finals (men) Live
Xanth Series
xxx Action movie

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