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[ENG] Problem with litter on the desk
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[ENG] Problem with litter on the desk

Hey guys, sorry to ask a question in English on a German forum but there is no English subforum here concerning the original game. And I hope sb can help me here. 

I used to play original Mad Tv long time ago and had one problem - every day on the desk in the office there was some litter that appeared. After 30 or so days there was a huge "hill" of litter accumulated on my desk and there was a message that there is such a mess that I am fired. It really used to piss me off because it was just the moment when I was starting to expand my TV empire and the game used to end then abruptly

Did also happen to you? What is the solution?


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Hi tomash,

i tried it now. (Using a Version with RSC-Files from The Good Old Days Website) I was not fired after 30 days. And not after 31, I stoped playing than, but saved it, so I can check later. 

I think I can recall a game a long long time ago (15 years?), where I clicked on the litter and it vanished. Although this could be my mind playing tricks. 

I will play a few more days tomorrow and will report here if anything happens.

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