Win one of five M.U.D. TV games!

Kalypso, publisher of the inofficial follower of Mad TV, raffles five M.U.D. TV games for the users of this browsergame! :)

You take part of this competition if you create a new movie record. But there are conditions for the new movie: It has to be a fictitious movie, so give your fancy full scope!
So you have to activate the checkbox for the field "Fictitious movie?" and afterwards send it to review. Not requested are ridicules or parodies of actually existing movies like "American Idiot" instead of "American Idol" or "Star Wreck". It's desired that the movie is available in english, too, and that people from all over the world understand the gag. Not relevant are price, year, category and more. Series and screenplays are also allowed.
The best / funniest / most barefaced or exceptional movie(s) wins.

Important: To take part of this competition, you have to mark the movie as "fictitious" and send it to review until 14th of march 2010.

Hint: All informations are without engagement :) Kalypso is responsible for the correct delivery of the prize.

EDIT 15.03.2010: Competition finished, thanks to the participants! Here are the winners:
  1. AoR with his movie Drat! - Daily grind of a Scavengert
  2. BBoyButzemann because of the incredible amount of movies, he created (about 1000!!) and his movie Growth
  3. drgary with his movie ThreeToesCheese
  4. T├╝rklinke with his series Yesterday's test pattern
  5. Robstar with his movie The MULTITOOL Show and the referring to current political problems
EDIT 29.03.2010: Kalypso has shipped the "MUD TV" games, I also have received my exemplar, many thanks to Kalypso!