Many improvements in version 1.2

After version 1.2 has been tested since a while on, it should be stable now. With this version several new features many Mad TV-fans are waiting for are introduced:
  • You can add your own movies, screenplays and ads
  • You can integrate movies, screenplays and ads other players created into your own game

Other features:
  • In television program you can hold down the key "Ctrl" to add several movies or ads at once
  • Series now loose actuality (like movies do). Movies aren't to full actuality when you sell them.
  • Registration with double-opt-in (user has to confirm his email address)
  • Users can now invite other users and he gets extra ingame-days for new registered user. You find this invitation link in your user details. Please use this feature! Smilie
  • You can finish your day by clicking at the clock in the console (near the current ingame-day, below the "love-bar".
  • Auctions in multiplayer has changed: You can give your bid now during the current turn, the final auction then takes place when all players have finished their turn.
  • Many bugs fixed
  • Many more...

Have fun with this new version and assiduously add new movies!

Please excuse if there are still errors, these are resulting by migrating the old data into the new version. I will fix them in time.