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I think the online version of the game, could have characteristics that would improve the game, and could have other things that were missing in the original version.

  • Real-time game. Seen be an online version that becomes possible. You choose what time to start the game and can just go a day by day. Example: I choose to start playing the game the 9am (GMT), which would represent the 18h of the game ... and end on the 16h (GMT), which would represent the 00h of the game. The next day there would be more. This would make the game more real and more balanced among all players.
  • Create a series. You can buy a screenplay and perform a series. Why not also be possible to create a screenplay and in turn perform the series? Once you have done, could be for the sale, and another player (human) could purchase it. This could become a source of income and in turn would create more interactivity between the players.

I hope you enjoy the ideas...
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To play this game in real time I have to rewrite the whole code. Therefore this feature isn't planned for nearby time.

The other feature is a good idea, but it's also hard to implement. But I write it an my feature list / todo list.
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Yes, actually the second suggestion... is complex. But I think it would be a fantastic innovation!
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New game

Maybe you produce a new MAD TV pc game. I have many, many sugestions about it. I have played mad tv 2, m.u.d. tv and i must say, that nothing replace old mad tv. This new game (m.u.d. tv)is so weak that i can't imagine. What Kalypso was trying to do? I don't know.

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