Mad TV versions

In this article I present the changes in new (or upcoming) versions:

v1.6.1 (06-2024)
  • Security: Improve password encryption
  • Bugfixes
  • Optimize forum templates
  • Improved error reporting: When a technical problem occurs in your game, I get an email and you get a message.

v1.6.0 (04-2024)
  • Upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.2. That should result in a performance increase from 100 to 500%.
  • Upgrade from MySQL 5 to 8. That should also result in a performance boost.
  • Optimize database queries.
  • Optimize CSS. Some browsers aren't supported now any more (e.g. IE 11).
  • Several bugfixes.

v1.5.0 (01-2023)
  • New turns in multiplayer games are started in rotation, not always by the creator of the multiplayer game as before.
  • Adding 3 minutes round time for multiplayer games.
  • Smaller optimizations

v1.4.2 (06-2022)
  • Changes for highscore boards (mainly to restrict them to highscores achieved in current version)
  • Improve adblocker detection for advertising room (to give user a hint when this room doesn't work due to an adblocker)
  • Fixed two bugs in chat
  • Some more small bugfixes and changes
  • Maximum number of game days increased to 70

v1.4.1 (05-2018)
  • Enhancements of multiplayer games
  • New language: turkish
  • Music player with HTML5, no Flash player any more
  • Improve data privacy: Add cookie hint, use Facebook plugin only on startpage, use SSL certificate for secure communication
  • Some bugfixes and improvements

  • New TV stations and maps: Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, Canada, Benelux, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Austria and Switzerland. Amount of watchers of the TV stations in the other countries changed.
  • Every user gets 10 in-game-days every day instead of 5
  • Clicking Facebook Like grants 100 in-game-days
  • Buying of in-game-days possible with PayPal
  • New languages: norwegian and portuguese
  • Performance improvements
  • Many small changes (e.g. for highscore list or user settings) and bugfixes
  • Reset of highscores

  • Fixing of several bugs
  • Rewrite of whole code, mainly because of using advanced caching methods now
  • Now there are 10 demo accounts available for new users which like to test the game before registering.
  • New language: polish. Thanks to Ɓukasz
  • Financial balance screen now is available on every page (click on budget)
  • Fixed problems with adblocker browser plugins in advertising agency (I hope so)
  • New flag "Classic movie" for userinput movies. Classic movies aren't downgraded as much as other movies because of their age.
  • Show numbers of allowed letters while typing in new movies, screenplays or ads
  • Multiplayer: You have to wait for 20 seconds after taking a movie or an ad. Other players should also be able to take movies and ads.
  • Multiplayer: Complete different handling of auctions
  • New contents for page (mainly in german language)
  • Statistics are deactivated for earlier versions, see discussion here

  • Highscore for multiplayer games
  • You can edit already reviewed records, but only some fields like "title" and "description", s you can add new translations.
  • You can sort your self-created records (click on the table heading)
  • In multiplayer games, the remaining time until next round is shown in browser title
  • New translations available: romanian (translated by user "andy_blah") and hungarian (translated by user "Justis")
  • Many new animations (thanky to user "mdy")

  • Hot: You can add your own movies, screenplays and advertising contracts
  • Hot: You can integrate movies, screenplays and adverts other users created into your own game
  • In television program you can hold down the key "Ctrl" to add several movies or ads at once
  • Series now loose actuality (like movies do). Movies aren't to full actuality when you sell them.
  • Registration with double-opt-in (user has to confirm his email address)
  • Users can now invite other users and he gets extra ingame-days for new registered user. You find this invitation link in your user details. Please use this feature! Smilie
  • You can finish your day by clicking at the clock in the console (near the current ingame-day, below the "love-bar".
  • Auctions in multiplayer has changed: You can give your bid now during the current turn, the final auction then takes place when all players have finished their turn.
  • Many bugs fixed
  • Many more...

  • new layout
  • Mad TV account can be deleted
  • help for beginners
  • highscore isn't deleted when you restart your game
  • background info for Mad TV
  • french and chinese translation is online
  • background music from amiga version of Mad TV, improved sound quality for pc music
  • inactive users are marked

  • Game settings: You can define which boxes and which shortcuts are displayed
  • Multiplayer: Sound is played when turn is finished
  • More statistics
  • Many bugs fixed
  • And more... I forgot the other points Smilie