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Login details hacked?
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Login details hacked?

There is a possibility that the database of this game has been hacked.
If this is the case, the following personal data has been disclosed: email address, username, password (encrypted with md5), IP address, in-game messages to other players (via forum or chat).

Regarding the password: This was stored encrypted in the database, so the attacker does not know it, unless a weak password was used (e.g. a number or common words or only a few characters) and it could therefore be decrypted. However, the encryption chosen for the password (md5) is very weak and should no longer be used; I will adjust it in the coming days.

Once again: It is not certain that the database fell into the wrong hands. A user wrote to me and told me that he had received a blackmail email to his email address, which he only uses on Mad TV, containing the decrypted plain text password.

The following speaks against a hack:
  • I was not blackmailed
  • No other users have reported (so far)
  • No data in the database has been changed

Please contact me via PM if you have also received a blackmail email. For example, it has the subject "Your personal data has been leaked due to suspicion of malicious activities".
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Thank you for the information

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