Did his time under Kyle Shanahan help

The Denver Broncos (2-3) are in a full-on tailspin after suffering a blow out loss last week and have now lost three-straight games. With the NFC juggernaut Los Angeles Rams (5-0) coming to town Womens Noah Fant Jersey , hope of a rebound is slim at best. If you see ORANGE in your area in the map below, then you will get the Broncos-Rams game on your local FOX station.506sports.comA cold snap has gripped the Mountain West and there will be snow in the forecast on Sunday, which could help the Broncos level out the playing field against that high-octane Sean McVay offense the Rams will bring.To do that they will need to score points - a lot of points. Head Coach Vance Joseph noted that his offense just isn’t getting the job done in the red zone and the focus will be on setting up more manageable third down situations in that area of the field.“It’s third downs,” Joseph said on Wednesday. “Every drive in the red zone week or even in the scoring zone, have been third-and-longs, so we settle for field goals or we get pushed back with penalties and had to punt. It’s more about converting third downs and keeping third downs more manageable.”A casual observer may recall that the Broncos do tend to throw more on early downs in the red zone and it just hasn’t worked out for them in any consistent way. That mentality may be shifting finally in this game.The game will be called by Dick Stockton (play-by-play), Mark Schlereth (analyst), and Jennifer Hale (sideline reporting). Kickoff is set for Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 2:05 p.m. Mile High time at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver Womens John Elway Jersey , Colorado. Way back when the Broncos first traded for Joe Flacco, I spoke with QB Statistician Ryan Michael to gather gather his thoughts. Broncos Country found this a bit harsh in February:Now we’re all nodding our heads. With Drew Lock watch clearly underway, I thought now was a good time to check in with Michael and gather his thoughts on Denver’s quarterback conundrum.1st and 10What have you thought of Joe Flacco’s play for the Broncos so far this season?Ryan Michael: When you and I spoke in February, I felt that Flacco “may be more of a boom or bust addition, with a greater likelihood to be the latter,” so things have pretty much turned out as I expected they might.What I see is a quarterback that is doing his imperfect offensive line few favors. This has been the bad version of Flacco - a conservative short-game passer who holds onto the ball too long and looks like a fumble waiting to happen.It’s the kind of performance that an elite offensive line and turnover-savvy defense could help mask. Unfortunately, that hasn’t come together for the Broncos yet this season (Denver ranks 26th in the NFL with only six forced turnovers).2nd and 7How much of the Broncos issues on offense come from Flacco?Ryan Michael: It’s too bad Elway didn’t draft Russell Wilson instead of Brock Osweiler because I believe Wilson is just the kind of quarterback that could get the most out of this offense.A fair amount of the blame this season falls on Flacco, but we should recognize that this would be a tough situation for most NFL quarterbacks. He’s toward the top of the league’s bottom third, for whatever that’s worth.This isn’t an offense that can afford molasses movement in the pocket. Rhythm is so important and it’s very difficult to develop when drives fizzle out; tough completions seem like pleasant surprises and touchdown passes are nowhere to be found. Outside of the loss to Jacksonville, Flacco has averaged 0.5 touchdown passes pergame Bradley Chubb Broncos Jersey , oversixgames.3rd and 3The last time we chatted, you had this to say about Drew Lock, the prospect: Given the way Flacco has looked and how the season is moving, would it make sense for the Broncos to turn to Drew Lock when he’s eligible to return?Ryan Michael: If they don’t attempt a trade for Matt Ryan or Cam Newton? I’m kidding. You have to consider Lock’s health first and that’s not something I can answer. If or when he’s 100 percent, I wouldn’t have any issue with starting him though.I wish I could tell you to expect great results, but I’m apprehensive. Not only is Lock inexperienced, not only did he present consistency issues pre-draft, not only did he play poorly in the preseason — but he hasn’t been healthy enough to get in the work that most backups would. That’s not a good combination, but I don’t know how much longer the Broncos can remain content with mediocrity.At 2-5, the postseason is very unlikely. Rebuilding isn’t fun. Uncertainty isn’t reassuring. I get it. But I’d rather see the team think long-term (and lose more games during the second half of 2019) than I would a spirited 7-9 finish that leaves you with more questions than answers heading into 2020.4th and 8If the Broncos do move to Lock Von Miller Jersey White , what would you hope Scangarello does to give the rookie his best chance at success? What would you hope to see from him?Ryan Michael: Fangio was pretty critical of Lock’s readiness this offseason, and the challenge of preparing him to be a consistent, reliable passer may be a blessing in disguise for Denver. Not only would it give them the opportunity to evaluate Lock, but it could also tell them a lot about what Scangarello brings to the table. him to develop a little bit of creativity that a young quarterback with Lock’s upside could take advantage of?Better blocking and more creative play designs could help this offense establish an identity. Scheme your receivers open to take advantage of Lock’s range. Tight windows will likely result in more interceptions, so play to his strengths. A “poor man’s Patrick Mahomes” is something the Broncos could build around. You’d be taking a risk with Lock, there’s no doubt about that. But I’ve seen enough out of Flacco in this offense to determine that swiping left may be their best long-term option in the near future.