This offseason could be really interesting when

 When you look at the teams this offseason , you don’t really associate many of them with quarterback needs. Then again, there are a bunch of teams who are going to make a noticeable quarterback transaction this offseason. While a lot of teams have quarterbacks, a lot of those guys are getting old. With the popular trend of trading a player before they hit a contract year, don’t be surprised if a lot of quarterbacks are traded elsewhere. Then, there are still players who will retire. This offseason Zach Gentry Jersey , we should see some big-time quarterbacks retire.Throughout the past two seasons, we’ve seen a lot of players surprisingly change teams. Now, it’s time for quarterbacks to jump from team to team. All of these quarterbacks won’t be starters. Unlike last year’s draft, there isn’t a quarterback who can unquestionably start from day one. Odds are, they'll eventually be inserted into the starting lineup sooner than teams want. We're in an age now where journeyman veterans simply can't hold off first-round QBs for long.Time will tell Joey Bosa Jersey , as there are still a lot of question marks behind many of these quarterbacks. Where will all of these college quarterbacks get drafted? For those quarterbacks who have suffered injuries, what is their status? Older quarterbacks, are they planning for retirement? These are all things that we will know within the coming months. For now, we will predict where 20 of the most intriguing quarterbacks will go via trade, free agency or the draft. National Football League players who are labeled with the figurative bust status are not all built the same. Some appear to be flops and fail to find their form in the NFL right out of the gates. Others Dwayne Haskins Jersey , however, manage to achieve some success in the early stages of their careers before they fall out of favor with coaches or general managers for different reasons. Then, there are the players who look like busts as rookies but who then manage to get it together and become stars who are named to Pro Bowl squads and compete for championships. The roller-coaster nature of the sport and of careers plays into the idea that we truly cannot evaluate a draft class until three, four or maybe even five years after it enters the NFL. What should be remembered is that many of the ten players recently drafted who may be on their way to bust status still have time to turn things around and evolve into stars. In some cases, changing teams and finding the right NFL homes helps. Others who are already stars require no such adjustments. They are able to succeed regardless of coaching or those around them Ed Oliver Jersey , and the best of the best become the new faces of the league throughout the 2020s. What’s interesting, as it pertains to this piece, is that a young star and All-Pro can become a bust in the blink of an eye because of personal issues or one unfortunate injury. On the other hand, it’s likely at least one of the men spotlighted in this piece will enter the Hall of Fame before 2030 rolls around.