New version online: 0.90beta

Nearly 4 months ago, the last version of MadTV was released - time for a new one. This update presents most new features since the release in february.

The last days, there was something wrong, therefore you couldn't login - so I've had to publish the new version quickly.

New in this version:
  • More rooms to enter, e.g. the news room
  • MadTV is now located at
  • Additional statistics (there aren't many until now, but there will be more in the future)
  • German language available
  • Some bugs fixed and many more features
  • Comprehensive introduction: Help
  • Episodes title for the series
  • Live events can exists of several blocks
  • Watchers calculation revised (for example an xrated movie influences it positive). More details in the watchers calculation overview.
  • Never published texts (detailed description for a screenplay's episodes) are available in the database.
Supermarket coming soon - and many other features. Version 1.0 will shortly been released... help me to quicken it.