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Strangedream Posted on: 15.05.13 at 11:34

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UK transmitters

I noticed there was no transmitters in the UK, it should be nice to be able to broadcast there  Smiley

Strangedream Posted on: 22.05.13 at 18:19

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also while i'm at it, why dont we add new countries like the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, and why not Japan to have a truly global TV network?
I know it might be hard to make new maps and reincorporate them to the game and would involve making 2.5 bln and 5 bln viewers ads and more but it would increase the life length of the game!

SventB Posted on: 25.07.13 at 00:15

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I can't do the new maps on my own, I'm not so skilled in Photoshop, I'm currently looking for someone who can help me.

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